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About this Library

The Economic and Business History section of the WWW Virtual Library is maintained in Amsterdam by the Netherlands Economic History Archive. We are grateful for any suggestion to improve this site. You may use the form below to pass on interesting links or corrections to those you have found here. But please take a moment to consider our editorial policy. Roughly, our guidelines are:

  • We seek to assist labour and business historians, broadly defined. There are excellent sites for general historical resources (we list some).
  • We seek to assist historians, political and social scientists, economists and others with a historical interest. We do not try systematically to cover sites mainly concerned with today's issues.
  • We concentrate on instruments for historians. So we do not include commercial or political statements, though we mention sites listing companies, trade unions, political parties and the like.
  • We prefer content over mere listing. So we provide links to labour and business history institutions and collections, but do not try to enumerate all economic history departments of each and every university on earth. Again, we mention sites that do.
  • We want to bring together scattered information, not to replicate what other people have done, and often done well.
  • We include only items and institutions that can somehow be reached electronically. An e-mail address will do, but it is a minimum.
  • So we are selective, within limits. Where little exists, we will indicate whatever is moderately interesting; where there is much on offer, however, we apply higher standards.
  • Finally, we aim at clarity and speed: we provide notes where useful, but keep graphics to a minimum.

If we do not acknowledge receipt of your message please get in touch by e-mail.

Last updated 15 October 2012