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Economic Leadership in Small Countries: Lessons from the Twentieth Century Experience, 2007

31 March 2007

PRELIMINARY CALL FOR PAPERS Economic Leadership in Small Countries: Lessons from the Twentieth Century Experience, Athens, April 2007. Organizers: National Research Foundation Eleftherios Venizelos, Department of Economics, Athens University of Economics & Business A benchmark feature of the twentieth century is the emergence of economic leadership. Its definition goes beyond the influential personalities associated to new economic ideas, to the emergence of collective leadership in the form of institutions such as central banks, the OECD, the IMF and the World Bank. Furthermore, the establishment of the EEC, NAFTA and OPEC can be seen as recent examples. In the growing international literature on economic leadership and governance, small countries are largely absent. We invite scholars from international academic and policy institutions to present papers on the historical, empirical, institutional and theoretical approaches to the study of economic leadership in small countries in the twentieth century. Paper givers can have as their subject a theoretical or empirical analysis of a specific country, region or a comparative case study. Authors may adopt, if they wish, an interdisciplinary approach. Pure theoretical or methodological papers are also welcome. Our aim is to produce an edited volume with an international academic publisher. Those interested in presenting a paper should prepare a one-page abstract. Please e-mail your abstracts (to Dr Ioanna Minoglou at iminoglou@aueb.gr) till 25 April 2006. Decisions will be announced by e-mail by 1 June 2006. Hotel and food expenses and the (equivalent of an intra-European) airfare will be covered by our sponsors.

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