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ESF Network "Globalizing Europe"

2 - 3 July 2007

ESF Network "Globalizing Europe" Workshop: Human Capital, Inequality and Living Standards -- Measuring Divergence and Convergence in a Globalising Europe. 2-3 July 2007 School of Economics and Management, Lund University (in cooperation with the University of Tuebingen). When did regional differences in standard of living emerge? In which situation and under which economic policy did regional inequality decline again? What are the implications of historical inequalities for the development of a common European identity? This two day workshop aims at promoting novel research in the field of human capital, inequality and living standards across Europe in a historical perspective. We are specifically interested in papers that present new data or new methodological approaches to the issue of measuring living human capital, inequality or living standards. Although papers do not specifically need to address all three themes at the same time, we seek to obtain a balanced mix of themes in the workshop. One prioritized area of research is to obtain additional knowledge about East European regions and Turkey (and the regions of the Ottoman Empire before the creation of the Turkish national state) Therefore we especially invite scholars focusing on these regions to send in their papers. Priority is given to participants from countries which financially support the ESF Programme (Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey). But scholars from other countries can also be financially supported to a certain extent, and certainly most welcome as well! The involvement of young scholars is strongly encouraged. Jan Luiten van Zanden will give a keynote lecture. The organizing committee consists of Kerstin Enflo and Joerg Baten. Papers or abstracts should be sent to kerstin.enflo@ekh.lu.se until Feb 15th. All submissions will be acknowledged. Notices of acceptance will be sent to corresponding authors by March 31st.

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