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BETA-Workshop in Historical Economics 2007

Strasburg F

Please find the program of the 3rd BETA-Workshop in Historical Economics "Financial History". Today, we are delighted to report that the Workshop takes place on Friday and Saturday (4-5 May 2007) in room 'Amphi Commun' at the Pôle Européen de Gestion et d'Economie, 61 avenue de la Forêt Noire in Strasbourg. Friday, 4 May 9.15-9.20 LLERENA P. (BETA-Strasbourg): Welcome Address. 9.20-9.30 DIEBOLT C. (BETA-Strasbourg): Financial History. Session 1 - Chair: ROGER P. (LARGE-Strasbourg). 9.30-10.15 DIMSON E., MARSH P. & SAUNTON M. (London Business School): Volatility and Portfolio over 107 Years. 10.15-11.00 MITCHENER K. (Santa Clara University & NBER) & WEIDENMIER M. (Claremont McKenna College & NBER): Are Hard Pegs Credible in Emerging Markets? Evidence from the Classical Gold Standard. 11.00-11.15 Coffee Break. Session 2 - Chair: DOS SANTOS FERREIRA R. (BETA-Strasbourg). 11.15-12.00 FOHLIN C. (Johns Hopkins University): The Transactions Costs in the NYSE circa 1890-1910. 12.00-12.45 MEISSNER C. (University of Cambridge): Foreign Capital, Financial Crises and Economic Growth in the First Era of Globalization. 12.45-14.00 Lunch. Session 3 - Chair: EGE R. (BETA-Strasbourg). 14.00-14.45 VOTH J. (University Pompeu Fabra): Biting the Bears for Profit: Insider Trading and Short Squeeze in Share Trading in the 1690s. 14.45-15.30 JAMES J. (University of Virginia) & WEIMAN D. (Columbia University): From Drafts to Checks: The Evolution of Correspondent Banking Networks and the Transformation of the U.S. Payments System. 15.30-15.45 Coffee Break. Session 4 - Chair: SPAETER S. (BETA-Nancy). 15.45-16.30 HOUPT S. & BATTILOSSI S. (University Carlos III Madrid): Stock Markets, Macroeconomic Conditions and Political Shocks in Interwar Spain, 1919-1936. 16.30-17.15 WALLUSCH J. (Poznan University): Waiting for the End of Crisis. Polish Bond Market in 1930s. 17.15-18.00 DE MELLO P. (São Paulo University): Derivatives Market in Brazil: The History of Bolsa de Mercadorias de São Paulo (BMSP), 1917-1991. 19.30 Dinner. Saturday, 5 May Session 5 - Chair: DEMEULEMEESTER J.-L. (Free University of Brussels). 8.30-9.15 BURHOP C. (Max Planck Institute Bonn): Corporate Law and Underpricing of Initial Public Offerings: Historical Evidence from Germany, 1870-1896. 9.15-10.00 ROINE J. (Stockholm School of Economics), VLACHOS J. (Stockholm University) & WALDENSTRÖM D. (Research Institute of Industrial Economics): Trade, Finance, and Top Incomes: Evidence from the Twentieth Century. 10.00-10.15 Coffee Break. Session 6 - Chair: PARENT A. (University of Paris 8). 10.15-11.00 KHOUDOUR-CASTERAS D. (University Externado of Colombia) & ESTEVES R. (Simon Fraser University): European Migrants' Remittances and Balance of Payment Adjustment during the Classical Gold Standard. 11.00-11.45 BORDO M. (Rutgers University) & OOSTERLINK K. (Free University of Brussels): Do Political Changes Trigger Debt Default? And Do Defaults Lead to Political Changes? 11.45-12.30 MITCHENER K. (Santa Clara University & NBER): Capital Market Integration in Japan. 12.30-12.45 Conclusion. 12.45 Lunch.

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