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    Historical Statistics
    • Asian Historical Statistics Project
    • Australian Historical Census Data, 1966- At this point in time, the data that can be distributed under the agreement covers the data tables from the 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986 and 1991 censuses.
    • Austrian Literature Online Online publications and periodicals as Beiträge zur Statistik des Königreichs Bayern (1850 - )and Statistisches Jahrbuch der Österreichischen Monarchie (1863-1881).
    • Belgium Historical GIS Geographical historical statistics in Belgium 1800 - 1963/2003.
    • Bevölkerungsentwicklung in Deutschland und England im Vergleich = A Comparison of the Population trend between Germany and Great Britain.
    • Bibliography Pictorial Statistics Bibliography of the pictorial statistics system developed by Otto Neurath and designed by Gerd Arntz.
    • Bureau of Economic Analysis Time series, economic surveys. Includes also National Income and Product Accounts. Downloadable annual and quarterly data from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis as of 1959, including graphs.
    • Canadian Families project The Canadian Families Project is an interdisciplinary research project based at the University of Victoria. The project team is studying families in Canada, and has completed a national sample of the 1901 Census of Canada.
    • Catasto Study Census and Property Survey for Florentine Domains and the City of Verona in Fifteenth Century Italy / David Herlihy and Christiane Klapisch-Zuber.
    • Census 1899 in the Netherlands put on the web by the Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek and NIWI Amsterdam. Full text; added: extensive introduction to digital census in Europe and the US. (in Dutch).
    • Census of Canada, 1901
    • Census.ac.uk Census.ac.uk, home of the ESRC Census Programme, provides a one stop gateway to data and support services which allow users and researchers in UK Higher and Further Education to access the 1971, 1981, 1991 and 2001 UK censuses. It also provides access to other important census related resources.
    • Censuses 1841-1901 Prins Edward Island
    • Centre d'Etudes Prospectives et d'Informations Internationales Working papers, databases, links.
    • Daily closing values of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) EH-Net series 'How Much Is That?'
    • Dansk Demografisk Database at the Statens Arkiver. Censuses, Probate Index and Emigrants.
    • Data hub "Heights and Biological Standard of Living" maintained by Jörg Baten at Tübingen University. Heights and the biological standard of living in Germany, The USA, Austria and France.
    • Data sources for "Inequality among world citizens: 1820- 1992" by François Bourguignon and Christian Morrisson.
    • Database of Irish Historical Statistics Recurrent statistics for Ireland for the nineteenth and twentieth centuries collected from a variety of printed census sources. At The Queen's University of Belfast.
    • Developing Country Export Statistics The data were collected from official statistics by John R. Hanson for his book Trade in Transition: Exports from the Third World, 1840-1900, New York: Academic Press, 1980.
    • Digitalarkivet Norwegian censuses for the years 1801, 1865, 1875 and 1900.
    • Economic History Datadesk. Economic History of Latin America, United States and New World, 1500-1900 A scholarly web site devoted to current research with an emphasis on collection and analysis of historical datasets. Data data on commodity prices, mineral production, agricultural tithes, commercial traffic for Latin American Spanish and Portuguese colonies; United States data on gold and silver production with special reference to Nevada's Comstock; bullion flows from New World to Europe and Far East; Spanish royal treasury accounts from more than 70 branches in the Viceroyalties of Mexico and Peru, compiled by John TePaske, Herbert Klein et al.
    • EH.Net Databases
    • European State Finance Database at the University of Leicester. "Sources and data of European fiscal history and their interpretation".
    • Eurostat Eurostat is the Statistical Office of the European Communities situated in Luxembourg. Its task is to provide the European Union with statistics at European level that enable comparisons between countries and regions.
    • FRASER The Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research is a project by the Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis to expand on its mission to provide economic information and data to researchers interested in the U.S. economy. On this web site you will find links to scanned images (in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format) of historical economic statistical publications, releases, and documents.
    • Gasoline Price History
    • Global Price and Income History Group (GPIH) A Research Team measuring Prices, Incomes, and Economic Wellbeing around the World before 1950.
    • Great Britain Historical GIS Programme This project is creating a Historical Geographical Information System (GIS) for Great Britain covering the period from the late 1830s, when modern statistical data collection can be said to have started, until the early 1970s, when data starts to become available in digital form. The GIS has two major components; accurate boundary data for the changing administaive areas of Britain linked to a major database of social, economic, and electoral statistics from throughout the period.
    • Groningen Growth and Development Centre The Groningen Growth and Development Centre is developing a hub in the field of historical national accounting. The GGDC data series consist of the: - Total Economy Database (latest update September 2006) - 60-Industry Database (latest update September 2006) - Total Economy Growth Accounting Database - Industry Growth Accounting Database (latest update September 2006).
    • Histoire de la statistique démographique History of demographic statistics. Census, registers and other demographic forms and other documents.
    • Histor An Open Research Project on Japan's Financial Modernization (1850-1917)
    • Historical Census of canada 1852 and 1881 Research opportunities with the 1852 and 1881 Canadian census microdata extend beyond use of these research files on their own. First, the 1852 and 1881 Canadian census microdata can be used in conjunction with Canadian census microdata from 1871 (York University), 1891 (Guelph University), 1901 (University of Victoria), as well as twentieth-century Canadian census microdata currently under construction by the Canadian Century Research Infrastructure.
    • Historical Financial Research Data Sources Maintained by the Yale International Center for Finance.
    • Historical Monetary Statistics The focus of this project has been to construct long time series of high quality for consumer prices, nominal bond yields, monetary aggregates, indicators of real activity (GDP), exchange rates, stock price indices, house prices and bank lending. Norges Bank Occasional Papers No 35 Historical Monetary Statistics for Norway 1819-2003 provides a detailed documentation of the historical database as of June 2004. The data are available in spreadsheet format under each chapter.
    • Historical National Accounts The datahub on Comparative Historical National Accounts provides information on Gross Domestic Product, including an industry breakdown, for the 19th and 20th centuries. This dataset is a complement to Angus Maddison’s estimates of World GDP. It gives the user GDP estimates at current as well as constant prices, and presents more detailed estimates at an industry level. These data will enable researchers to analyse the process of economic growth and structural change in more detail. The construction of the database was supported by grants from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and is coordinated by Jutta Bolt.
    • Historical Statistics
    • Historical Statistics of Canada
    • Historical Statistics of Iceland The Icelandic National Accounts have now been revised to bring them into conformity with the European System of Accounts, ESA 95. The revision extends back to 1990.
    • Historical Statistics of Japan A collection of important time-series data organized from a vast amount of statistics covering various fields including land, population, economy, society and culture and compiled them systematically into the "Historical Statistics of Japan." The statistics covered in this publication ranges over a period of 135 years from 1868 to 2002.
    • Historische Arbeitsstätten- und Berufszählungen des VASMA-Projekts Übersicht zu den Tabellen aus den Arbeitsstättenzählungen (AZ) in Deutschland 1875-1970 = Statistical Overview on the Numbers of Places of Work (AZ) in Germany 1875-1970.
    • Historische Statistiek in Nederland Bibliography, survey of series and links to online publications.
    • Histpop - The Online Historical Population Reports Website The Online Historical Population Reports (OHPR) collection provides online access to the complete British population reports for Britain and Ireland from 1801 to 1937. The collection goes far beyond the basic population reports with a wealth of textual and statistical material which provide an in-depth view of the economy, society (through births, deaths and marriages) and medicine during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
    • List of Datafiles of Historical Prices and Wages List of datafiles available online, index to other websites containing statistical data, an overview of the value of the guilder from 1450 onwards with links to sites with the value of the US dollar (1665 onwards) and the British pound (1660 onwards)
    • London Gold Bullion Market. Yearly Average Price (1833 - 1997)
    • Material Renaissance: Costs and consumption in Italy, 1300-1650 A research project.
    • Measuring America: The Decennial Censuses from 1790 to 2000 issued April 2002 [pdf/149 pp.]
    • Medieval and Early Modern Data Bank (MEMDB). The project's aim is to provide scholars with an expanding library of information in electronic format on the medieval and early modern periods of European history, circa 800-1815. MEMDB contains five large data sets: three pertaining to currency exchanges and two pertaining to prices.
    • National Accounts of the Netherlands 1800-1913 at the Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services. Downloadable papers and tables related to the historical reconstruction of Dutch GNP and its components directed by Jan Luiten van Zanden (2000). Also available on the site of the Groningen Growth and Development Center.
    • National Bank of Poland : Statistics Few historical statistics and time series.
    • National Bureau of Economic Research: Data and Data Links NBER collection: macro data, industry, international trade, and other data.
    • Nationale Bank van België Collection of statistical information on the Belgian economy.
    • NBER Macrohistory Database During the first several decades of its existence, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) assembled an extensive data set that covers all aspects of the pre-WWI and interwar economies, including production, construction, employment, money, prices, asset market transactions, foreign trade, and government activity. Many series are highly disaggregated, and many exist at the monthly or quarterly frequency. The data set has some coverage of the United Kingdom, France and Germany, although it predominantly covers the United States. For information see Improving the Accessibility of the NBER's Historical Data , by Daniel Feenberg and Jeff Miron. (NBER Working Paper #5186). Published in the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Volume 15 Number 3 (July 1997) pages 293-299.
    • Oxford Latin American Economic History Database (OxLAD) is a free, downloadable, on-line resource for reliable, consistent, and comparable economic and social data series from 1900-2000 for 20 countries in Latin America. It is produced by the Latin American Centre of Oxford University.
    • Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) The PSID is a nationally representative longitudinal study of nearly 8,000 US families. Following the same families and individuals since 1968, the PSID collects data on economic, health, and social behavior.
    • Penn World Tables Time series data (since 1950) for over 150 countries.
    • Reconstruction National Accounts of Holland 1500-1800 The aim of this project is to analyse the economic development of Holland in the early modern period on the basis of a reconstruction of its national accounts. It will be one of the first times the system of national accounts is applied to the study of a pre-industrial economy. The project is confined to the province of Holland, which was demographically and economically the most important part of the Northern Netherlands during this period.
    • RGP Online The Rijks Geschiedkundige Publicatiën (RGP) is a series of source editions, the first volume of which was published in 1905. Today, the series comprises 450 volumes that contain documents about the history of the Netherlands. The ING, The Hague is in the process of digitising the RGP series and has developed an application that makes it possible to browse the pages online. The online version aims, as far as possible, to be a faithful replica of the original edition. At the same time, efforts have also been made to exploit the new opportunities afforded by an electronic publication by making it possible to search the text and, where possible, adding clickable lists of contents and/or indices. More information about the approach that was selected can be found under explanation. Since December 2007 137 volumes have been made available on the Internet (november 2009).
    • Scottish Economic History Database 1550-1780 Crop yields, demographic data, price and wage series, weather statistics.
    • Soviet and Russian Economic Statistical Series at Hokkaido University. Different indexes, some of them going back to 1940.
    • Soviet Nationalities Data at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Data from the censuses of 1926 and 1959, compiled by Brian Silver. PDF and downloadable file.
    • "Staat, Handwerk und Gewerbe in Peking, 1700-1900" Databases on materials, wages, and transport costs in public construction in the Qianlong Era for the Zhili Province and the Gansu Province.
    • Statistical Accounts of Scotland The two Statistical Accounts of Scotland, covering the 1790s and the 1830s, provide a rich record of a wide variety of topics: wealth, class and poverty; climate, agriculture, fishing and wildlife; population, schools, and the moral health of the people. A free service is available to all users with the basic features of searching, viewing and printing from the two Accounts.
    • Statistics Bureau Director-General for Policy Planning & Statistical Research and Training Institute
    • Swedish Census 1890 A historical database over the Swedish population 1890.
    • The Price History Group, Department of History, University of Copenhagen
    • U.S. Customs House Data, 1854-59 Excel file detailing how much revenue was collected, how much was spent, and how many people were employed at each of 152 customs houses in the United States in the years 1854 through 1859. The data are for fiscal years ending on June 30. The source is a U.S. Treasury report to Congress.
    • US Census Bureau Special topics: Statistical Abstracts 1995-2001 (online) and Census 1930.
    • Victorian Census Project The Victorian Census Project at Staffordshire University aims to computerise source documents relating to Great Britain and Ireland in the nineteenth century. These sources include: The nineteenth century census abstracts, Vital registration statistics, The returns of the Poor Law Commissioners, Agricultural Statistics, Crime Statistics and Pigot's and Slater's Topographies of Great Britain and Ireland.
    • Vlaamse statistieken en surveyonderzoek
    • World Population living in Cities Maintained by Gilbert Eggimann.
    History of Economic Thought
    • Adam Smith Page at the University of Texas at Dallas. Bio- and bibliographical information.
    • Akamac E-text Links Links to texts to 400 historically important economists and related theorists in philosophy, political science and other social sciences.
    • Archival Resources in the History of Economics maintained by the History of Economics Society. Searchable database of over 70 important collections.
    • Archive for the History of Economic Thought Compiled at McMaster University. A large collection of e-texts by mainly classical economists, from James Anderson to Allyn Abbot Young.
    • August Ludwig von Schloezer: Briefwechsel This site contains a digital version of a collection of letters of August Ludwig Schlözer Briefwechsel, meist historischen und politischen Inhalts (Göttingen 1778). Schlözer (1735-1809) was an German enlightened historian, statistician and philogist. The work consists of five volumes with an index.
    • Bentham Project The aim of the Bentham Project is to produce a new scholarly edition of the works and correspondence of Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832).
    • Bibliographie exploratoire : La pensée économique médiévale (XIIème - XIVème siècle) Par André Lapidus, Centre d'Histoire de la Pensée Economique, Université de Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne (updated June 1999).
    • Centre d'Histoire de la Pensée économique Paris. Offers classic economic texts (Fonds Paulette Taieb), and references to e-texts elsewhere.
    • Classic Works in Economics and Political Economy
    • Das Marxsche Kapital im Internet
    • David Hume. Life and Writings
    • Documents for the History of Economics Fulltext selections of the works from Adam Smith, Malthus, Ricardo etc. about the history of economic thought.
    • Ecochron Hypertext zur Geschichte der Wirtschaftstheorie at the University of Münster.
    • Econometrics Hall of Fame Portraits.
    • Economists' Papers Project In an attempt to preserve the papers of modern economists, Duke University's Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library - with assistance from Duke's Economics Department - has developed the Economists' Papers Project (EPP). Currently, the EPP consists of the papers of thirty economists.
    • EH.Net Services EH.Net operates the Economic History Services web site and several electronic mailing lists to provide resources and promote communication among scholars in economic history and related fields. EH.Net is supported by the Economic History Association and other affiliated organizations: the Business History Conference, the Cliometric Society, the Economic History Society, and the History of Economics Society. Links to Abstracts, Bibliographies, Book Reviews, Calendar, Course Syllabi, Databases, Directory, Encyclopedia, How Much Is That? and Mailing Lists.
    • Frédéric Bastiat Biography, bibliography and texts online available.
    • Friedrich Hayek Scholars Page at the University of California at Riverside. Bibliography and other resources on the Austrian-American economist.
    • Gallery of Economists Bellevue Community College (Bellevue, WA). Pictures and links related to the economists discussed in Robert Heilbroner's The Worldly Philosophers.
    • History of Economic Thought New School for Social Research (New York). Information on over 500 economists from the 17th century up till the present, related links.
    • IDEAS at the University of Quebec at Montreal. "A service providing information about working papers to the economics profession".
    • Joseph A. Schumpeter E-memorial page to the 50th anniversary of his death, edited by Burkhard C. Schipper. Biography and texts.
    • Joseph A. Schumpeter Page University of Texas at Dallas. Bio- and bibliographical information on the Austrian-American economist.
    • Ludwig von Mises Institute General Information, Conferences, Journals, Papers and Texts.
    • Marie-Ésprit Léon Walras, 1834-1910 Bio- and bibliographical data on Walras and Walrasian economics.
    • Marxists.org Internet Archive Extensive site on marxism in many languages.
    • Oeuvres de Frédéric Bastiat French economist (1801-1850). A list of his works and links to web editions of his texts.
    • Portraits of Famous Economists The bulk of these portraits are from the Richard Ely Collection, held by the Department of Economics at Louisiana State University.
    • Portraits of Well-known Economists This collection of portraits of economists was presented in 1997 as a gift to the Department of Economics of Duke University by Professor Warren J. Samuels of Michigan State University.
    • Roy Harrod Page Biographical, Bibliography and Texts.
    • Taylor en het Scientific Management by Albert Benschop, Amsterdam University (in Dutch).
    • The Study of Capitalism The aim of this research program is to identify emerging approaches to political economy and to facilitate interdisciplinary thinking on this important topic among students and faculty at Harvard University.
    • The Study of Capitalism The aim of this research program is to identify emerging approaches to political economy and to facilitate interdisciplinary thinking on this important topic among students and faculty at Harvard University.
    Books and E-Texts
    Personal Pages
    Industrial and Technical History
    • A bibliography on industrial archaeology and industrial heritage in Belgium Basic bibliography on industrial archaeology in (primarily) Belgium.
    • Bibliographie Geschichte der Technik
    • Bibliography of Brickmaking This list was provided as part of the Brickmakers Index by David Cufley.
    • Coalmines in the Netherlands A concise historic overview of the now vanished coal mines that dominated the South Limburg area in the Netherlands from the beginning of the 20th century to the midst of the 1970's. Lots of photographs.
    • History of Chemical Engineering University of Minnesota. General overview.
    • History of Coal Mining in Nova Scotia This website, maintained by Gary W. Ellerbrok, contains transcripts of existing old publications, historical editorials based on research, photographs, diagrams and plans. The information comes from the Cape Breton Development Corporation, the Beaton Institute, and the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources.
    • History of Refractories in Australia A history of Newbold General Refractories in Sydney, by Michelle Watson (1996).
    • I.A. Recordings (Telford, Shropshire). "Dedicated to the recording of past and present industry on film and video". Overview of the productions, industrial archeology links.
    • Ingénieurs des mines au XIXème et au XXème siècles Documents and Biographies.
    • Mining History Network University of Exeter. Extensive site with news, bibliographies, links, addresses etc. Hosts several mining history societies from Britain, Australia and Japan.
    • Revolutionary Players Revolutionary Players is a project focusing on the history of the Industrial Revolution in the West Midlands in Britain between the years 1700 and 1830. The website contains images of many resources from museums, archives end libraries representing the history of the period. There are four main ways of accessing this material: Time, Place, People and Theme. You can also read Articles on historical subjects, enter the Digital Library of primary sources, explore a Gallery of images and create your own Album of items from the site.
    • Society for the History of Technology Directory, bibliographic database, journal, links.
    • Soleils d'Acier Site for the technical, economical and social history of steelmaking. Steelmaking was probably the first industrial activity to become international, and was the root (with coal mining, of course) of European Union through ECSC.
    • StahlArt Industrial History and Architecture, photographs by Harald Finster from plants in Belgium, France, Germany, The UK and USA.
    • Stahlseite "Hier geht es weder um S/W Fotokunst noch um ein Fotolexikon 'Hochöfen der Welt', sondern nur um einen kleinen Einblick in den Formenreichtum einer fast schon verschwundenen Industrie."
    • Steam Engine Library A collection of historical documents relating to the history of the steam engine.
    • Three Centuries of Transport Three organisations submitted bids for a grant to digitise, and make available on the Internet, collections of images and objects relating to great transport undertakings: Bridging the Years, The Last Main Line and The Aviation Heritage Partnership.
    World Fairs
    Accounting History
    Film/Video & Images
    • Digital Collections University of North Carolina Library
    • Geheugen van Nederland 'The Memory of the Netherlands' is a project of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, the National Library of the Netherlands. The website contains digitized materials from Dutch archives, libraries and museums.
    • Geschiedenis Dossiers : Bedrijven
    • Industriekultur-Photographie ... the forum for industrial culture in word and image.
    • mining-europe.de Photgallery.
    • NY Public Library Digital Gallery NYPL Digital Gallery provides access to over 520,000 images digitized from primary sources and printed rarities in the collections of The New York Public Library, including illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints and photographs, illustrated books, printed ephemera, and more. See especially: Industry & Technology.
    • Open Video Project A shared digital video collection.
    • Stahlseite A site about shapes, architecture and work in the heavy industries.
    • ViewFinder Online image resource for England's history. The Picture Gallery and Stories contain illustrations of the industrial age, social history (including the Henry W. Taunt Collection), architecture and archaeology, dating from the 1840s to the present day.
    Economic Institutions
    • Institutions for collective action This website is dedicated to the study of institutions for collective action, or institutional arrangements that are formed by groups of people in order to overcome certain common problems over an extended period of time by setting certain rules regarding access to the group (membership), use of the resources and services the group owns collectively, and management of these resources and services. Such institutionalised forms of collective action differ from what is usually referred to as collective action, in the sense of large-scale mass movements that often can only make their point via riots, demonstrations or forms of mass violence (e.g. peasant revolts). Currently, this website deals only with types of institutions that originated far back in history, such as guilds, commons, waterboards and beguinages. In the future we will also include more recent examples of institutions for collective action.

    Last updated 27 September 2012